Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Beer and other good stuff

Howdy folks,
A quick midweek beer post since it has been raining for two straight weeks which combined with Lori's US trip really dampened (get it?) our travels.  Plus we have a three day weekend in Wales coming up so I didn't want to make that post longer than necessary.

The local grocery store was selling mix and match singles so I picked out four beers that reminded me of recent people or events.  I was hoping for better luck with the singles since my luck with the multi-bottle/can packs has not been very good.  First up was Burning Gold Bombardier by Wells that "is a lively, refreshing golden ale, alive with English passion."  Not sure where the passion went but it had a little golden hoppy flavor to it which was a pleasant surprise.  Overall I have to put this one in the "need more testing" category before I make a final decision.  The reason I chose the Bombardier (pronounced bom-bar-de-yay over here) is because I had a job interview with them this past week.  They are in the aerospace and rail transportation industry and are very big in Derby.

Next up was Banana Bread Beer by Wells.  It had a strong banana after taste and was my favourite of the bunch.  I may have to investigate this Wells brewery some more.  I picked the banana beer because Lori likes banana nut bread and the beer reminded me of her when I saw it.  My first banana beer and definitely not my last.  Surprising for me since I am not a regular fan of bananas or fruity type beer. 

The Fursty Ferret by Badger was next on my list.  When we were in Indy the world famous Kathy Elliott asked if I had a Fursty Ferret yet.  I had not tried it yet plus the First Gold by Badger is on my minuscule favourite beers of England list so I was optimistically looking forward to trying the "sweet nutty palate, hoppy aroma, and a hint of Seville oranges" with the "distinctive personality" of the Fursty Ferret.  And once again my hopes and dreams were crushed.  That goes on my brat boiling beer list, I barely choked it down. 

The final candidate was Young's Double Chocolate Stout, I picked this because of the Young beer Brandon and I had while exploring London a few weeks back.  The double chocolate flavor was okay but I wasn't expecting the "silky rich & creamy smooth" in a stout.  The description should have read "silky rich, creamy smooth & embarrassingly thin".  Definitely didn't have the thick chocolate milk taste of Guinness or other thick tasting stouts which I prefer.  Plus there was some kind of sharp whiskey aftertaste that felt out of place in a beer.  "Fail" as my teenage son would say.  I did like the Wells' beer so I will have to tap that vein again.    

The singles collection.  No #1's here but a couple with chart making potential.

Another Carol Seppanen book entry this week.  After finishing the complex and depressing Life and Fate I opted for a quick breezy read: The Outcasts, Book 1 of The Brotherband Chronicles by John Flanagan, 434 pages.  Flanagan wrote a preteen series of eleven books called The Ranger's Apprentice which Karl and I read and enjoyed.  The fictional series is set in the time of rangers, knights, kingdoms, sword play, and good versus evil.  Light hearted reading for those interested in that genre.  Now that the Ranger's series has ended the author had started a new series based in the same world setting but a different country.  A good book overall but I have to admit the classically drawn good versus evil lines make the story disappointingly predictable at times.  Now to check our paltry book collection for my next selection. 

We had another Better Halves Club meeting this week at The Bulls Head in Repton (link), about fifteen minutes away.  It was our first meeting outside of the city centre and lived up to its billing - "A Really Good Pub".  (The staid Brits aren't really big on self promotion.)  I am still kicking myself for not bringing my camera since the rectangular pizzas tasted as good as they looked.  Maybe I'll bring Lori there if she is nice to me.  Chances are we'll never make it back tho... jk Lor!  Due to a few last minute cancellations we were only three and a half strong.  Bonus of the trip was my new Hoegaarden glass.  Hoegaarden is a Belgian white beer served with an orange slice.  Okay as far as white beers go.    

The Mark Elliott pic - my newest pub glass.

No word on my job interviews yet - still have two birds in the bush and none in my hand which means a new facial hair next month!  Lori is so excited she is speechless.  Stay tuned readers!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Sorry Kevin Coleman - I forgot to credit you for the first pic. I'll try to make it to you in Wales.

  2. I'm digging the beer reviews. I am intrigued by the banana beer. I may have to investigate that for myself.

    1. Thanks Doug, it was suprisingly good for me. I plan on checking out more banana beer in case that was a fluke tasting.