Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Handle Bars

Hello Readers,
A short post this week thanks to Heikki Lunta.  We had planned on doing a Peak District walk with the Freys this week but the weather/snow had other ideas for us (again). So we spent the weekend around the house and entertained a couple of ex-pat families instead.   We sometimes are so focused on seeing the sights that we forget to slow down and spend time with our friends over here.  We had a fun time both nights although I didn't break out the camera.  Plus March Madness was on to entertain us, I mean me and Steve and Tim. All these years later and my love of sports hasn't rubbed off on Lori yet. And her dislike of sports hasn't rubbed off on me yet either. A couple of hard headed people I guess.

Bing Crosby is playing in my head as I walked down the stairs Saturday morning and look outside.  Such a different winter than last winter.
And it snowed all day and into the night so on Sunday morning we had almost 5.5" of snow in the backyard/garden.  It's like living in the bloody UP again!
This weekend we had an Easter Rolls Royce gathering at The Bull's Head.  Nineteen people showed up, we were missing three people from the RSVP yeses but I wonder if the bad weather played a part in their absences.  As usual we had a great time catching up on vacations, local travels, miscellaneous odds and ends, and occasionally work but work talk was quickly shut down.  In addition to my BHC duties I organised this and the previous RR Bull's Head gathering so Glenn has volunteered to take over the RR Bull's Head duties for the 4th of July gathering.  Thanks Glenn!

Kevin Coleman Pic - A Freedom 4% to wash down my Easter pizza.

Dana Johnson Pic - Nothing like an Easter pizza to celebrate the season.
The Facial hair of the Month, the manley Handle Bars, will be leaving us a couple of days early this month thanks to our Easter Italy holiday.  I guess I can sacrifice a couple of Handle Bar days to enjoy Venice, Florence, Pisa, Tuscany, Rome, and Barcelona.  Sacrifices, sacrifices.  <sigh>

The manly Handle Bars calling it a month. 

The Better Halves Club met again this week, at Fresh Basil (link) in Belper.  There were six of us with a couple missing for previously scheduled appointments.  Another gem just outside of Derby with a huge variety of breakfast, sandwich and main dishes plus desserts and assorted side dishes.  My ham and eggs was okay (everyone else's dishes looked better than mine) and my lemon meringue cake was very good.  If I can fit time in I will take Lori to it, I thinks she would enjoy it.  They even had some gluten free dishes. 

This will be a short week since we are leaving for our Italy and Barcelona vacation in a few days.  We are all excited for Italy, I really hope it lives up to our expectations.  It will be our longest vacation yet so hopefully we'll still be talking to each other after it is over. 

I'll talk at y'all in a few weeks.  Cheers Mates!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Owen shook his head in response to this month's facial hair! Enjoy Italia

    1. To manly for the boy obviously. I am sure we will have a great time. Done with Mehico yet?

  2. Heikki Lunta and the bloody U.P. - some of my favorite lines from the post! Have a great trip to Italy and Spain - can't wait to read all about it.

    1. Thanks, i am really looking forward to this trip. Enjoy your snow.