Sunday, 23 October 2011

New house pics

Some pics of the new house.

They use skeleton keys for entry doors.  Note the mail slot in the front door.

Kalle on the 1st floor (2nd floor to us Americans) over looking the garden.
It took us awhile to figure out how to get the french doors unlocked.
After looking through the LARGE bag of keys the realtor gave us, we realized that the key to unlock the right side door is not the same as the key for the left side door.  You can imagine how many keys we have....there are 4 sets of french doors (8 keys), a front door (1 key), a back door (1 key), a garage door (1 key -- MIA), 4 window locks (4 keys -- MIA), and a master bedroom window (1 key MIA).  Really? Why would the locks be different? 

Back garden patio.

Coat and shoe closet on the ground floor.

We refer to it as the 1st floor, but the 1st floor to the Brits is the 2nd floor to us.  Can be quite confusing for Lori at work.  They tell her to go to the conference room on the 1st floor and she has to stop think which floor that really is.

 Ground floor toilet

 Sink and mirror in the ground floor toilet

 Standing in the ground floor laundry room, looking towards the front door.  Entrance to the garage is the door on the left by the front door.  The door on the right (near the front door) is the ground floor toilet, and the stairs to the right lead to the upper levels.

A little present from the homeowners.  They're kind enough to let us use their moldy washing machine.  Lori refused to use it and whined until I bought her a new one.  That will be delivered on Friday.

 Ground floor bedroom. Window looks out into the back yard.

 Jay and Karl mowing the backyard.  Kalle standing in the dining room looking out the french doors.  Window to the right of Kalle is the kitchen window (over the sink).  3rd floor is the roof level.

Kalle's view of the back yard from the dining room.

 Karl working hard mowing the lawn with the electric mower.  A LOT more work than the gas powered push mowers we have in the States.

 The yard was soooo long, Karl had to keep stopping and emptying the catcher into the brown recycling bin (below).

Jay and Karl admiring their accomplishment.  Not quite done, but definitely making progress.

1st Floor (2nd Floor to we Americans) standing in the hall looking towards the kitchen.  The door way to the right leads into the living room.

Standing in the dining room looking at the kitchen.  Doorway to the left leads into the hallway.  Patio doors to the right is where Kalle is standing in the second picture.

Standing in the living room looking into the dining room.

Living room looking towards the front of the house.

1st floor spare bedroom/den.
We asked for the desk to be removed 2-3 times now.  I guess we have to move it out ourselves.  We have been warned if we put it in the garage and it gets damaged, we will be liable for it. 

2nd floor bathroom #1.  This bathroom is just outside of Kalle's bedroom.  There are 2 bathrooms on the 2nd floor (where the kids will sleep).

Kalle's bedroom facing the back of the house. 

Another view of Kalle's bedroom.

Karl's rooms facing the front of the house.

Another view of Karl's bedroom looking out towards the front of the house.

Bathroom in Karl's room.
He's already been warned that he will be moving out of his room when company comes.

Small loft at the top of the stairs (3rd floor to the Brits, 4th floor to us).

Master Bedroom on the 3rd floor with our new Ikea lamps.  The bed will be delivered on Wednesday.

Dressing room next to the master bedroom.  This is where Lori will have to get dressed and do her hair in the mornings.  There are no outlets allowed in the bathrooms except those needed for shavers, so we'll have to set up a table and mirror in here for her.

Master Bathroom on the 3rd floor.

Another view of the master bedroom looking towards the master bedroom.  The towel rack as shown on the right are all plugged in and are supposed to be heated.

Standing on the 3rd floor looking down the staircase.

View looking at the driveway.  Garage is in front of car and front door is in front on sand colored tiles.

Spare room with free couch.  I am sure the couch will look much better in the GAY-raj as they say over here.  Now that I type this I realize that I didn't take a garage pic.  It is your basic less than one car English garage, not used for a car just to collect junk.

Garden view pre-Karl's mowing.

Front view of house.  We are on a hill so the driveway is sloped a little.

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  1. Outstanding! It looks so quaint, and tall! I love the little window right at the top of the tip of the house! Can't wait to visit and see it for ourselves sometime. And your sloped driveway reminds me of when we were in San Fran commenting about the driveways there and how steep they were. Thanks for posting - and congratulations on getting the keys!