Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Moving in

We finally moved into the house last weekend which feels great.  The house is starting to feel like our home, sans furniture.  Furniture delivery is the 24th so until then...

Dining room table is two end tables pushed together.  Seating is on folding chairs.

Lori and the kids watch TV laying on the rug.  Usually I move one of the dining chairs to sit in.  Karl has not been complaining about playing his Xbox on the 46" TV.

View looking up the central staircase.  It is rather annoying forgetting something on a different floor.  I will be able to work as a Sherpa after two years of this house.

Overall it is very nice being in the house.  We have the basic appliances so meals can be cooked here plus Lori and I have our bed.  The kids beds are coming Thursday, right now they are sharing a blow up mattress.  Not settled but getting closer.

The kids uniform pics as promised.  Kalle LOVES wearing hers, I asked her to take it off before supper last night and she pouted the rest of the night.  Then she complained about it again this morning.  Karl doesn't like his, particularly the dress shoes.  Uncomfortable but necessary.  At least he doesn't have to wear a tie.  Maybe next year as their school uniform is in transition this year.  They both like school so far.

Weather has been great, sunny and 60's every day.  Down to 40's at night so the weather is changing.  I mowed the garden in shorts and t-shirt yesterday so the daytime is very nice.  The days are getting shorter tho - the shadows are getting long after 3 PM and darkness starts around 5.

Not all of the food has been good.  We tried Crispy Slices with blueberry and sultana (a type of grape) which are thin wafers with the fruit between the layers.  Kal is not a fan.

Kal's trick or treating loot.  Candy is similar to US but Halloween is a little different.  It is not as popular here plus the costumes are witch and wizard themed.  We only had 4 kids, not sure if it because of our location or because it was on a Monday.  We did go with our neighbors so I received a small tour of the neighborhood.  Kalle went as Dorothy again this year.  She outgrew the red shoes so Karl suggested she goes as black shoe Dorothy which she did.

A final note on vehicles over here.  There are a lot of Ford, Renault, Vauxhall, Peugeot and BMW's on the roads.  Less common is VW, Citroen, Audi, Fiat, Nissan, Mazda, Mini and Toyota's.  There a few minivans, SUV's and small pickups but not common.  I have seen two full size pickups and only one Chevy, no GM at all.  Most vehicles also have the car manufacturer logo on the center of the wheel which is different then US.

Lori is settling in at work but struggling with the lack of urgency culture here.  Different culture but she is adapting.

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